Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sidney has arrived safe and sound!!

So my flight was good, the first one I sat next to a baby... but the baby was pretty good haha, Then I got to dallas, us missionaries filled the plane about 3/4 of the way! it was so dang cool! Im pretty dang tired now haha! But it is beautiful here! its been raining all day and will probably rain everyday (thats what the tell me) food weird... But not bad. THE CRAZIEST THING HAPPEND! Driving from the Airport to the CCM a guy was hanging on the back of the car infornt of us with a HUGE gun<1 12="" 1="" 3="" 42="" a="" airport="" all="" amigos="" amo="" an="" and="" any="" asked="" awesome.="" barbed="" become="" big="" bradly="" but="" camera="" can="" companera="" dead="" didnt="" div="" e="" elder.="" elder="" familia="" far="" feet="" fence="" found="" get="" going="" good="" gubler="" gun="" has="" have="" her="" hermana="" hermanas="" i="" in="" is="" ister="" it="" ive="" lots="" love="" many="" me="" met="" mission="" momma="" my="" nbsp="" not="" ocho.="" of="" picture="" pictures="" poeple="" real="" send="" she="" so="" something...="" sometime="" take="" taken="" tall="" the="" to="" too="" was="" what="" will="" wire="" with="" you="">
P.S. is a website that one of the Hermanas husband and her run, if you want to send me packages..
TE AMO FAMILIA viva a mexico!
P.S. I hope you blogg my stuff so others can get these, cause they all have been askin.. yikes. 

Sidney's first companion!!  Hermanas Gubler!  She is from Orem and they were buddies on their flight over.  They are now companions in the MTC!  Her P-Day is every Tuesday while she is in the MTC

Monday, October 14, 2013


Our portland trip was a one day affair! We arrived, saw and drove home!

We drove the historic highway 30 through the columbia gorge area. I have never seen so many colorful trees and so many beautiful waterfalls. We went on several small hikes. Every time I am in nature I am so amazed by all the great creations there are and how mind blowing it is that nothing is the same. Every scene we can walk into everyday is different. Just like every person is different and unique. Nature was created this way also :)

That night we headed into the city and left on a tour. It wAs a historical ghost tour. So fun!  Kevin the ghost hunter took us down underneath the city. Underground tunnels the "ghost hunter" series has filmed in. We even had EVP  wands to read electrical currents around us. We didn't find any ghosts but we sure had fun trying and learned a lot about the city!!!


We are on our way home from our newest adventure!! We drove to Seattle and then off to Portland for spring break! First of all, let me me say!!! We miss our oldest three going on trips with us BUT it is SOOO much cheaper to travel. We have a standing invitation to them always though. Wherever we go they can go if their busy schedules allow. Jess is busy performing in thriller every night, Austin is on his mission and Sidney is dancing with a dance company and they had huge rehearsals all weekend also!! That leaves just the four of us.

I've always wanted to go to Seattle. Ever since seeing on of my all time favorite shows sleepless in seattle! It's just so out of the way BUT when our Mt Rushmore plans fell through because of government shutdowns. Off to Seattle we left.

Our first day was spent seeing the city! Riding to the top of the space needled, visiting the big mall, riding the monorail, and eating at the local hard rock!

Morning came and we left for a run walk along the coast. Soooo beautiful. We ended up at the fresh market. Fish throwing, fresh flowers, and multiple vendors! We had double chocolate chips frappe at the very first Starbucks!

We traveled on boat to the seattle locks and went through the process of going from salt water to ocean water. It was really neat to see :) that night we ate chowder on the shore with an incredible view!!

I am so thankful for the chances our family has to travel so much together. We work hard and play hard. We have had so many great trips and memories together. Scott and I decided long ago we didn't want to be burdened with a huge house or car payments. We wanted to live life and give our kids many experiences!  Here's to many more adventures for our Seven Super Snowdens!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some of Nikki's favorite friends.

Nikki has been friends with all these girls since birth!  Their Mom's are some of my best friends. (Kim and Meredith) We kidnapped Aubry for her birthday and took them all to Kneaders.  It was super fun!

5th grade field trip to the Capitol and the WAX museum

I went on the 5th grade field trip with Conner!  Yep he still wanted me to come :)  We had a blast on tour of the capitol and then playing kick ball on the grounds.  Conner has a lot of great friends at Windsor.  Rivers, Ari and Danny being some of his favorites.  It was also the wax museum this week.  I love seeing a bunch of 10 year olds try to stand still for 10 minutes at a time.  Conner was Paul Revere.  Sid, Nik and I went and saw him and the whole time we were walking around he was mouthing the words "check me out Mom PLEASE"  The girls and I just laughed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


LADM! Sidney is performer of the weekend AGAIN!  This time for LADM.  She got the jacket!  She has really wanted it forever and now there she is.  All the girls did so great this weekend.  Nikki made it on stage but didn't quite get a scholarship BUT we know that is coming any time.  Nikki improves so much every month.  I am so proud of both my girls.  Next up Nationals is California!!  Sidney will be competing for Senior Dancer of the Year!  Go LADM!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Conner turns 11

It was this cuties birthday last week.  I can't believe our baby is 11.  We of course celebrated everyday for what felt like a month!  Conner has been saving up for almost 8 months and working for Scott to buy a computer.  He bought a Mac Book Air.  After telling everyone he only wanted money for his birthday.  He took all his friends to Lowes Extreme Air Sports.  We also had family parties with the Stalkers and the Snowdens.

Conner is a Joy in our family.  He does a lot to help around the house when his Dad works so much and his big brother is gone on his mission.  We appreciate him and LOVE him so much!